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A Spiritual Quest With Man’s Best Friend

“I needed to know, not intellectually, but in the depths of my being, what actually happens to our life force or consciousness when we die.  My journey gave me insights into the process of death and the nature of life itself.  All in all, it was a journey of understanding love.”

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Praise for Because of You, I Am


“Because of you I am” is a touching story of compassion, giving the reader an extraordinary perspective on life, love and courage. Mary Ann’s journey reassures us that although life can be difficult, it comes around to the light and turns out as it should be. This book belongs on everyone’s reading list.”
~ A. Frederick

“Many of us own pets, love them and consider them much more than just a pet. Mary Ann walks us through her very personal journey with her beloved Charlie in “Because Of You, I Am.”   You will laugh, you will cry, and forever look more deeply into the eyes of your companion after reading this personal journey of love, understanding and connection with her beloved soul, Charlie.” 
~ C. Ernst

“I am not typically drawn to books dealing with death but was lucky enough to have been at a reading for several authors one evening and heard Mary Ann read excerpts from her book, Because of You I Am. Wow! The story was so engaging, simply and elegantly told that I bought 3 of her books! I just knew my mother and sister-in-law would be drawn in and as deeply touched as I was. Mary Ann writes from her heart about her deep and abiding love, her fears and her spiritual discoveries as if she were sitting on your couch having a conversation with you while sipping tea.”
~ T. Gamber 

“I am an animal lover and have been a believer in animal communication for many years. I could relate so completely to Mary Ann’s book because losing my beloved pets is so painful to me that I mourn them forever. Mary Ann shared her journey in such a real and honest way, it was like I was right there with her. She writes beautifully, which makes this a book you won’t want to put down.  Her love of and compassion for animals draws me to her and her writing helped me to be better able to accept the passing of my pets, knowing I will be with them all again someday. I am hoping for another book written from the soul of this great writer.” 
~ K. Howard