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 Mary Ann

A healthy dose of curiosity and a deep yearning for connection to Spirit have always been my driving force. My relationship with Charlie, my beloved Standard Poodle and subject of my first book, pushed my prior spiritual beliefs to the edge and cracked me open to deeper awareness. In my quest to gain answers about death that held truth for me, I studied with well-renowned teachers and traveled great distances to earn the certifications I felt were necessary. This knowledge allowed me to discover the biggest truth of all – the answers are inside of us. And I was blessed to have a muse named Charlie to be my beacon of light within.

I needed to write this book. I had to memorialize my experiences with Charlie in an emotional and integrative process that would bring about my own healing. Tears are precious jewels when the heart is transformed by love. I offer my words to you – wherever you may be along your journey – and hold in my heart a space for you to deepen the connection with your own animals, Spirit, nature or your Self.

For years, the working title of this book was Charlie’s Gift. However, I wasn’t content with this title. After the first draft of the manuscript was completed, I was on an international trip, jet-lagged and changing planes. Walking bleary-eyed through the concourse, the words, Because of You, I Am flooded through me. My breath caught in my throat because the words were a perfect title for my life with Charlie – and also, it was my birthday. And this was Charlie’s gift.

Mary Ann’s Professional Background

Mary Ann Bumbera’s Certifications/Course Work
Reiki Master
Healing Touch for Animals®
Quantum Touch®
Foundation for Shamanic Studies – completion of 3-year program in Advanced Shamanism, Shamanic Counseling (and other courses with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies)
Completion of Life coaching courses through Coaches Training Institute and Center for Right Relationship

Other trainings:
Animal Communication
Toltec Dream Work

Currently I am taking a break from my private healing practice, including animal communication sessions, to spend time with my animals on my farm in North Carolina.